Professional Axial Piston Pump Manufacturer

Hydraulic pumps are a necessity to a variety of industries to keep machines running smoothly, preventing costly errors and downtime. For 17 years as a hydraulic pump specialist, Ousheng has served the hydraulic industry, developing a reputation for quality and excellence in manufacturing hydraulic pump components. Our product catalogue carries axial piston pumps (both variable displacement and fixed displacement), hydraulic piston pumps, and hydrostatic transmission pumps in a variety of specifications to meet customer needs. As a global supplier of hydraulic pumps and hydraulic pump components, we carry excellent alternatives to other pumps available on the market today and offer maintenance services for internationally known brand name pumps.

    1. Axial Piston Pump, A10V

      Designed with through shaft structure and central spring return mechanism, the rated working pressure of this variable displacement pump is up to 28MPa and its nominal service life reaches more than 10000 hours.

    1. Axial Piston Pump, A4V

      Depending on the valve plate of spherical design, the reciprocating pump boasts a self-alignment property. Due to a design that there is a 5° inclined angle between the piston axis and the cylinder block axis, pump’s rotational speed can be improved.

    1. Bent Axis Piston Pump, A7V

      The axial piston pump is equipped with high performance rotating group and valve plate in spherical surface design, realizing automatic centering, low peripheral speed and high efficiency.

    1. Bent Axis Piston Pump and Motor, A2F

      The fixed displacement piston pump is provided with the rotor group in spherical valve plate design, ensuring self-centering function, combined with low peripheral speed and high efficiency.